Selected Descendant Trees



Daisy Belldena Lively-Campbell  Family (daughter of Albert Tipton Lively)

Picture taken around 1917, Anderson County, Texas

Back:  TM, Thelma Lee, Estelle, Nathan Johnson, Cecile

Middle: Nathan Campbell (husband/father), Austin, Daisy Belldena (wife/mother), Albert Westly

In Front and holding the doll is Hilda

(Contributed by Lana, 2006)

    These descendant trees are offered for your perusal since many of our website users are more familiar with this format. However, descendant and ancestor formats omit much useful data found in ancestral branches, second marriages, in-law relationships and in a variety of other circumstances. After you have explored these descendant trees you are invited to view the "Pedigree" section. There you will find every name and bit of data you find among these descendant trees and all of the possible links to every relationship we know about - and much more, including the photographs, citations permitted by contributors, and the text items we have.


Mark Lively Descendants 

Mark Lively, often considered the patriarch of the American Lively Family, is an elusive figure in history. Much of what we have discovered in our search has been leading us away from conventional thinking on who this man was. There is a real possibility that his true name is Mark Bethell Lyfolly and was born in 1679 England and that there is no connection to Edward Lively who was a translator of the King James Bible. This descendant tree is called the “Mark Lively” tree to make internet searches easier for those seeking information on this line. Mark can be found in the third generation among his brothers and sisters. We believe Mark had a son that he named Marke (second son). This Marke heads the “Old Tom” tree. Links are provided. - - - Mark Lively, the father, married Mary McGehee. A comprehensive ancestry chart is provided for wife Mary in the Pedigree file.


The Old Tom Lively Family Tree   

A favorite.  Thomas Lively had brothers and sisters, and we know who they were.  We start at a pivotal time for this family.  Marke Lively, patriarch, was a Loyalist fighting at Post 96 in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War.  Post 96 came under attack from General Nathaniel Green and Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee (the father of Robert E. Lee) and Marke Lively was killed.  One son, Reuben Lively was also fighting at Post 96 and was forced to relocate in Nova Scotia thereby becoming the patriarch of a Canadian line of Livelys.  Other brothers and sisters migrated to frontier Illinois.  Thomas Lively stayed in South Carolina but his sons moved to Texas at a historic time.  It is all there, a wonderful frontier lineage right up to today.


Meadows/Meador - Davis Tree 

We have decided to present a more complete genealogical picture of the Meadows/Meador line by the inclusion of the ancestors of Jonas Meador/Meadow.  This ancestral addition takes us back to Robert de Medewe, born about 1290 in England.

George Preston Lively, 1830

He comes from Canada and descends from a family named "Leveille".  Descendants are from Canada, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and California.


James Lively, 1748

Probably born in Wales and came to the colonies just before the Revolutionary War.  These descendants have come from Kentucky and Texas.


Joseph Lively, 1756

Often referred to as the Wagoneer or Wagoner, or , or even the Waggoner.  He starts in Amherst county Virginia then relocates to South Carolina.  He is prominent through tax records and census documents. 


Robert Lively, 1745

This family, at least in the first generations, is an urban family living close to the coastline and participating in the trade community of the times.


William Lively, 1770

William is found in early Virginia before migrating to Louisiana where the family becomes deeply involved in Louisiana history and a plantation lifestyle.


George Goff Hatfield

Yes, this is the Hatfield line of the feud.  Fortunately, they left Virginia/West Virginia before the shooting started so you won’t find anyone here who mixed it up with the McCoys.  You will find pioneers in Kentucky and Tennessee, and eventually California.  There is an auto-biography by Charles Harvey Hatfield that gives us a real “feel” for a second-generation pioneering family. 


Langhorne Family

This family is the rich and famous;  railroad baron, plantations, Gibson Girl, first woman in the British Parliament, married into the Astor family, and much to read here – and it is interesting. 


Randolph Lineage

An extraordinarily historic lineage that includes many of the Founding Fathers of the United States, many of the aristocratic families of colonial Virginia and the famous Lee family including Robert E. Lee and Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee.  This is a worthwhile line for reading and research.  Runs 15 generations starting with John Randoll in 1470 England.


Johann Ludwig Hutter, 1726. 

Very closely associated with the Langhorne Family.  Longtime owners of the Sandusky Mansion.  At times it was as large as 5,000 acres.


Kings, Queens, Presidents and First Ladies

After identifying numerous leads to Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Zachary Taylor, we found Hans A. M. Weebers at USPresidents/Royalpresidents.htm (See the Bibliography).  His presentation was a skeletal descendancy from William the Conqueror through President George Bush.  We took that and compared it to our own database, the authoritative Encyclopedia Britannica on royalty, British Kings & Queens by Mike Ashley and the U. S. White House website – and others sources including Funk & Wagnall.  We added text, names, genealogy extensions and photographs to make this lengthy lineage more interesting.  There are 19 Presidents mentioned in this tree plus Royalty through 35 generations.  The start date is year 893 and if you were to print this out you should have at least 300 sheets of paper in your printer.  Most any family that can trace their ancestry back to early Virginia and the middle and upper classes will find similar connections.  Search the Pedigree section for Lively/Davis connections.



These are a few of the estimated 80 family trees within this website.  Everyone and everything is in the Pedigree section including Gregor of the Golden Bridles, patriarch of many from Scotland; the Steptoe Family, Ishams, Tyrees, Raglands and Monnots, Washington, Bowers, Hugharts, Eagles and many of the members of the first Constitutional Congress.  Spend some time searching for the interesting; perhaps you’re in here too.




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