Things to Read

There is history in all men’s lives.




 Charles Harvey Hatfield Autobiography.  A second generation pioneer. He paints a good picture of what it was like to live back in “the good old days”. A story of transition from a pioneering environment to modern times.


Charles Everett Lively.  Historical figure in the West Virginia Mine Wars and the movie, Matewan. Known as C. E. Lively, he was a “Secret Service” agent for the Baldwin-Felts detective agency.  He did his duty as he saw it, and he made history doing it. This is about the West Virginia Mine Wars.


Victor Horace Lively.  Hero at Pearl Harbor.  Vic, as he is called, was aboard the battleship USS Nevada and stayed with his vessel through the entire battle history of World War II.  He saw action at Pearl Harbor, D-Day Normandy, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and much more.  Photos and a previously Secret damage assessment to the USS Nevada.


Edward Lively. Appointed by King James I of England, with others, to translate the old Testament Bible to the English language.  We have discovered hundreds of family bible notations that describe Edward Lively as an ancestor.  For now, we’ll accept that.


Homer Leo Tate – Barbara Lee Tate.  Overcoming abandonment and untold adversity to success. Homer Leo Tate’s life is summarized here in a letter to us from his daughter, Barbara Lee Tate.


Susan Bowers Davis. Teacher, genealogist offers childhood observations about life in Florida and the family acquisition of their “plantation” in the semi-wilderness.


David Tyree. Patriarch of the Satterwhite Tyree lineage. This page and the following page about William Tyree, tell much about Virginia and West Virginia history.  If you are researching the Tyree line, these two pages are indispensable.


William Tyree. Historic figure in West Virginia.


Edward Randolph Lucas Depraved, criminal, executed.


Elizabeth Betsy Alley (Hatfield).  The Illinois connection to the Hatfields of Virginia.


Edward Alden Bailey. Hawaiian missionary.  When the missionary service in Massachusetts did not, or could not, send further funds to support his Hawaiian Mission, Edward was forced to turn to native resources.  He more than survived.  He became an important Hawaiian historical figure.


Chiswell Dabney Langhorne. A man who deserved to be rich and famous, and only to be  superceded by his daughters. A must read.


William Fenton Tyree A man with foresight.  He writes a short biography.


The Famous Needmore Saloon.   West Virginia.  Wild and furious.


The Origin of the Hatfield Surname.


The Origin of the Tyree Surname


Jane Dotson and the Battle of Goliad.  An important figure on the formation of the “Old Tom” family tree.


Origin of the Melungeons.   Someone beat Columbus to America.  They have been called the Melungeons and were discovered in the Appalachian Mountains and surrounding areas.  Why has this not been generally understood, and taught in our schools?  One thought is this;  Americans do not like challenges to their myths.


The Gibson Girls.  The story Charles Dana Gibson, husband of Irene Langhorne and daughter of Chiswell Dabney Langhorne.  He is  famous for his drawings of beautiful women..


 George Christian and Edward Risque Hutter.  Brothers drown in Kanawha River when the ice breaks.


"Lively" Odds and Ends.  A collection of miscellaneous Lively persons along with some unique business's using the Lively name.



Studying history without genealogy is like reading with one eye shut.

       Tom Nicholas